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5 LGBTQ+ Environmental Organizations to Support this Pride Month

This Pride Month, we want to bring attention to LGBTQ+ Environmental Organizations you can support to help push for environmental justice for all. Here are five of our favorites.   

Community holds up a Pride flag.

Out for Sustainability 

Out for Sustainability focuses on cultivating environmental justice by and for the LGBTQ+ community. By highlighting LGBTQ+ activists and narratives, Out for Sustainability curates a number of successful programs. One of which, Greener for Pride, aims to organize fully sustainable events by working within the community. Their program Earth Gay also allows people to volunteer in their local community to help fight climate change.  

Our Climate Voices 

Our Climate Voices works to center storytelling as a means of climate activism. By providing a platform for LGBTQ+ folks to tell their stories, the organization highlights those most impacted by the climate crisis. Their online workshops also provide a safe space for marginalized communities to come together in the fight for environmental justice.   

A pride flag reads "Queer and Proud"

Queer Nature 

Queer Nature is an education-based organization that provides curriculums on place-based skills and ecological awareness. By providing a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community to learn, Queer Nature gives folks the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural world and gain access to the environment in new ways. Drawing on ancestral knowledge and paying respect to indigenous history, this organization welcomes queer BIPOC folks who have felt both socially and culturally outcasted. 

Queer Ecojustice Project 

Queer Ecojustice Project started with the goal of building a queer community passionate about environmental justice and climate change. Their project, known as The Rhizomatic Project, recognizes the connection between queer activism of the past and the LGBTQ+ presence in environmentalism going forward. Focused on building a community representative of the cause, the organization has successfully created a movement of eco-queer activism that has changed the scope of the environmentalist movement. 

Woman hikes in nature.The Venture Out Project  

The Venture Out Project is a great way for LGBTQ+ folks to not only learn about environmentalism, but experience the environment through nature. Their backpacking trips provide an opportunity for participants to meet others in the LGBTQ+ community passionate about climate change. They also work to help educators, camp leaders, and other instructional professionals create a more inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ folks in their fields of work.