Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get cashback on?
5% cashback on climate-friendly purchases, 6% on select purchases from our FuturePartners, 1% on everything else. Visit our shop page to see a list of FuturePartners examples of climate-friendly categories.
How can I refer a friend?
We do not currently have a referral offer in place. Of course, we would appreciate it if you told everyone about Future and outsized rewards for climate-friendly shopping.  Check back here for any referral offers we may launch in the future.
Who is your bank partner?
We’ve intentionally partnered with Piermont Bank. They are woman and minority-led, plus your deposits won’t ever fund fossil fuel projects.
How can I share feedback?
We would absolutely love to hear from you. Please reach out to us at with your thoughts and feedback. We are building a movement to inspire climate-friendly living and are always eager to learn what more we could be doing.
Is the FutureCard available overseas?
Currently, our card is only available for U.S residents. That said, it works globally wherever Visa is accepted.
Does the FutureCard have any fees?
No monthly fees here. No foreign transaction fees, either. We don’t even ask for tips.
Does the FutureCard help build my credit?
Not yet.
We are working on ways to help you build credit without having to get credit. Stay tuned!
Is my money safe with Future?
All your deposits are FDIC-insured up to $250,000. We also use the latest encryption.
Our employees don’t know your card number and will never ask you for it.
How does Future help the planet?
Future is not about planting trees. It's about each of us taking charge of our climate choices. The choices we make as individuals control a staggering 66% of all carbon emissions.
How do I fund my FutureCard?
You have options!
Link your existing bank account in the Future app, switch your direct deposit to Future, or transfer from your bank, Cash App, or Venmo.
Why does this matter?
Other cards give you extra points on spending with a high carbon footprint, like flying or filling up your tank. With FutureCard, you earn big on climate-friendly shopping. It’s rewards for you and the planet!
How do I close my account?
We hate to see you go! Please contact our support team by email at One of our Community Managers will walk you through the steps.