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Rewards for Climate-Smart Living

FutureGreen Narrow

We only accept a product or service with significantly lower carbon emissions than the most common alternative. Brands are not affiliated nor pay to participate in FutureGreen 

FuturePartner Narrow

We partner with brands that are game-changers in simplifying climate-smart living. They work with us to give even more savings to FutureCard members to help decarbonize your life


Earn 6% cashback when you shop at our FuturePartners with FutureCard.


Back Market

Back Market is the leading marketplace for premium refurbished tech. Better for your wallet, better for the planet.

Just Salad

Eat with purpose and get rewarded at Just Salad. Choose from their lower-carbon Climatarian menu and reduce waste with their iconic reusable bowl.

Rad Power Bikes

Slash your carbon emissions with Rad, a FuturePartner for green mobility.

For Days

For Days is changing how clothing is made. From 100% recycled fabric to their Take Back Bag program, For Days is making it easier for you to get trendy and comfortable pieces that are also circular fashion. 

PLNT Burger

Classic fast food reimagined. Try PLNT’s 100% plant-based burgers that give you the best tasting burgers good for both you and the planet.  

Krave Beauty

Krave Beauty is on a mission to increase transparency in sustainable practices in the beauty industry. From slow skincare campaigns, internal commitments to reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain, to selling products that would have gone to waste for miniscule reasons, Krave is all about pressing reset and bringing you quality, sustainable skincare.  

Our Place

These nontoxic coated all in one pan will replace all the cookware you need. Shop the versatile cookware that decreases kitchen waste and reduces emissions while cooking.  


Arcadia is making it easier for everyone to access renewable energy to power your home. Whether you are renting or own your home, Arcadia connects you to local community solar farms—reducing your environmental impact and your utilities bill.  

Out of the Woods

Durable, washable, and stylish storage bags. Made out of their SuperNatural Paper, these bags do not deforest trees and instead keep your lunch or your drinks insulated.  

Wooj Design

These no waste, 3D printed lamps are one of a kind. Furnish your home or gift your loved ones a special lamp from Wooj 

Oliver Space

Oliver Space is the only full-service circular furniture shopping experience, from purchase to trade-in. Upgrade your home with stylish furniture at refurbished prices.  


Custom made denim made to fit you. Unspun jeans are slowing down denim production and leaving no excess fabric waste with their custom denim just for you. 


Bedding and home wear made from bamboo that is both so good for you and the planet. Fabrics made out of bamboo require much less resources than cotton. Show your bed and the earth some love with Ettitude bedding! 

Thousand Fell

100% recyclable, zero waste sneakers. Thousand Fell makes sleek and fun sneakers that are perfect for everyday wear and will never end up in landfill.


Know what moves you with HILOS' innovative 100% recyclable shoes. Walk with style and purpose with HILOS made on-demand 3D printed shoes.


Carbon negative insoles that make your footwear a lot more comfortable and long lasting. With Fulton’s comfortable plant-based, electricity-powered, and ethically made insoles, you are going to wear your shoes for as long as they can take you.  


EarthHero is on a quest to help make sustainable, earth-friendly commerce the new normal.  Browse over 6,000 eco-friendly goods across 275 brands.


Siblings candles tackles throw away culture with their forever vessels and their toxic free, plant based wax. Replace disposable candles with Siblings' low-waste cult-classic candles. 

Ministry of Supply

High-performing apparel backed by science: From solar-powered mills, recycled materials and zero-waste production, it's the leading edge of low-carbon fashion. 


Pela creates cute and funky compostable cases for your electronics. Forget single use virgin plastic, these cases will protect your tech and leave no toxins or microplastics behind. When you’re ready for a new case, your Pela case will return back to the earth—like an apple core in the soil.  

Everlasting Wardrobe

Children grow up so fast. Try renting clothing for your kids so that they can experiment with unique styles without outgrowing them. Everlasting Wardrobe allows you to try high quality children’s clothing items without breaking the bank or contributing to landfill. 


Oasense is changing how you shower. With their Reva showerhead, their smart carbon reducing and water saving showerhead allows you to shower without all the waste.  

The Everset

Furniture without the burden of owning. Rent your sleek and modern furniture, perfect for people on the move in the greater NY area.  

Circular Fashion

FutureCard is the first card to offer attractive rewards for secondhand - high impact for the planet


Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia is a leader in sustainable fashion and offers high quality worn wear options and a commitment to reducing their footprint

Levi's SecondHand

Levi's was one of the first apparel brands to assess the carbon footprint of their products

The North Face Renewed

The iconic outdoor brand now offers a large choice of renewed apparel


lululemon Like New

Ultra comfortable and now complete with savings for your wallet and benefits for the planet


Leading sustainable women's fashion from the start


REI good & used

REI wants to keep quality gear where it belongs: in use


Arc’teryx USED GEAR

If you’re not using Arc'teryx gear to its fullest potential, they'll find someone who will

Recommerce Marketplaces

Getting a great deal on gently used items and helping the planet is easier than ever


A leader in circular shopping, Poshmark lets you buy, sell, and discover fashion, home decor, beauty, and more


thredUP is one of the world’s largest online resale platforms for women’s and kids’ apparel, shoes, and accessories


Depop is a community-powered fashion marketplace to buy and sell unique fashion, extending the lives of millions of garments

Rent the Runway

Stylish fashion does not have to break the bank or hurt the planet when you rent it



Goodwill thrift stores help people improve their lives by assisting individuals to find a job and grow their careers

The RealReal

The RealReal is the leading resale marketplace for authenticated luxury items



RE/DONE launched with the simple idea of taking the old and making it new again, for a more responsible future

Electric Charging

FutureCard offers 5% cashback to save even more with your electric vehicle with every charge



Someone plugs into the ChargePoint network every two seconds to charge their electric vehicle


EVgo remains one of the nation's largest fast charging networks


Blink Charging

Blink have deployed over 23,000 charging stations since 2009


Shared Mobility

Electric micromobility is good for the planet and earns 5% back every time you ride



Lime riders enjoyed over 250 million rides with electric scooters, ebikes and mopeds


Citi Bike

Citi Bike has become a part of the fabric of New York and led the boom in bikeshare


Bird electric scooters have become a fixture in many cities across the U.S. 



Revel is offering bikes, scooters and mopeds and recently launched all-electric rideshare



Spin offers mobility solutions for cities, campuses, and businesses

Public Transport

Public transport has a fraction of emissions of taking your car to commute and earns 5% nationwide



Amtrak is investing in upgraded electric trains and  modernized stations across major U.S. cities

New York Subway

The Subway is one reason why NYC has lower carbon emissions in transport than other cities


Moving people in the Bay Area across a vast station network


Not surprisingly, all types of cycling are great for the planet and can also offer significant daily savings



Beyond offering climate-smart ways to get around, Trek has been a leader in reducing their footprint


One of America's leading manufacturers of high-quality bikes and cycling gear

City Bikes

City Bikes has served the cycling community in the Washington D.C. metro for over three decades