Exciting perks for green choices

Enjoy unique experiences with your favorite artists

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Rewards built for fans*
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Save on Gas and Electric

Fans have more fun with Future

Enjoying a green lifestyle? You'll enjoy special access and exclusive perks at the biggest shows.* It's our way of saying thank you.

VIP tickets for your green choices

Future members access exclusive VIP tickets as perks for riding public transit, thrifting, switching to solar, saving energy or charging up. You deserve front row seats!

Tour merch waiting for you

Avoid the hassle and have original merch ready for you when you get to the show, courtesy of Future.

A free ride to the show. Seriously!

Beat the traffic jam and don't worry about parking. If you opt for green transport, Future's got you covered.
Save on Gas and Electric

Be an energy pioneer!

With Future, fans go on a mission to help the planet and earn exciting perks. Ride public transit. Save energy. Charge up. Buy your tech refurbished. Switch to solar. Together, we can decarbonize our world.

Join community solar for 10x rewards every month + first month FREE!

Sign up for Arcadia and join one of their community solar farms. No need for solar panels or a single family home! First month free offer valid for new Arcadia accounts created beginning 12/30/23.

Ride your local transit and earn cash!

Taking the train, subway, bus, metro, light-rail, or whatever your town likes to call it, this helps the planet and earns you rewards! Get 5x rewards on all public transit, Plus $5/per week for frequent riders in NYC when you hit a streak!*

Rewards for energy savings!

Save energy at home and enjoy cash rewards and unforgetable experiences.
5% cashback at Thrift Shops and Second Hand Store

Rewards for thrifting, secondhand shopping, and more!!!

Get a gorgeous outfit for the next big show -sustainably. Earn 5x rewards at ALL thrift and secondhand stores with Future.

Make a purchase at any thrift or secondhand store.

Visit any secondhand or thrift shop and get 5x rewards with Future, always!

Activate and complete the Shop Secondhand Mission in the App.

Send in your receipt to earn extra cash for making a sustainable purchase. Go to the Missions section of the app to learn more.

5x for green eats, always!

Not into secondhand? Earn 5x rewards green food choices!!!

Get rewarded for your sustainable choices.

You have the power to create a better, more sustainable world through your everyday choices. With Future's Missions, you now earn extra cash for making a difference.
Earn cash and rewards for riding the subway!
Earn cash and rewards by taking an electric rideshare with Revel, Uber or Lyft.
Earn cash and rewards by saving energy.
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Experience the award winning difference

Many rewards platforms reward you for choices with a high carbon footprint, like flying or filling up your tank. That's the simple difference.  Future is all about you taking charge of your climate choices and earning rewards to go green. Those choices control 66% of all carbon emissions.

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