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More Cash. Less Carbon.
Rewards for you and the planet.

The new FutureCard Visa® Debit Card rewards you for spending with a lower carbon footprint.

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Help make the world a better place

Earn 5% cashback, or more, on climate-friendly purchases *

We partner with brands that are game-changers in simplifying climate-smart living. They work with us to give even more savings to FutureCard Visa Debit Card members to help decarbonize your life.

Rewards for spending sustainably

You are already conscious and aware of your impact on the planet which is why you thrift, recycle and ride electric vehicles. Now you get cashback rewards for living your sustainable lifestyle.

Earn 5% cashback on your power & gas bill when you pay with Future!

Use Future to pay your utilities bill and get 5% cashback, it's that simple.
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Experience the award winning difference

Many other cards give you extra points on spending with a high carbon footprint, like flying or filling up your tank. That's the simple difference.   Future is not about planting trees. It's about you taking charge of your climate choices. Those choices control 66% of all carbon emissions.

Democratizing climate-smart living.

We are on a mission to make climate-smart living accessible and rewarding. Climate smart living can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Get your FutureCard

Enjoy 6% cashback at our FuturePartners and 5% cashback on public transport, electric charging, bikes and more!

Get your FutureCard

Enjoy 6% cashback at our FuturePartners and 5% cashback on public transport, electric charging, bikes
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Frequently asked questions

See below to learn the answers to some common questions
What is FutureCard?
FutureCard is the first card that gives you 6% cashback for climate smart spending and 1% for everything else every time you pay. It’s a debit card that works everywhere Visa is accepted. Climate change impacts everyone, so we designed a card for everyone, no matter your credit score or the size of your paycheck. We are on a mission to democratize climate smart living.

Think of it as supercharging your wallet to enjoy extra savings on green spending anywhere that Visa is accepted. Sign up in seconds - does not require a credit pull.
Why is FutureCard secure?
FutureCard is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Security features include Visa chip, biometrics, multi-factor authentication, and sensitive detail encryption. In addition, FutureCard leverages the latest tools to detect potentially fraudulent activity on your account, and enables you to freeze or reissue your card from your app.
Why does it not impact my credit?
There’s no credit pull when you apply for FutureCard and we don’t need to know your credit score or credit history. We want to give everyone access to FutureCard.
What is climate smart spending?
Climate smart spending means those purchases that have a lower carbon footprint as confirmed by peer-reviewed scientific research at some of the top universities and research institutes focused on climate change. We define a purchase of a product or service as green if it has a significantly lower carbon footprint than the most common alternative. For example, charging your electric car or using public transport, riding a bike or electric scooter. Learn more here. We look to add additional climate smart categories in the future that help you save money and do what’s right for our future.*
Do I need to use FutureCard for all my purchases to get the top-tier rewards?
No, of course not, but we’d love it if you did! The more people use FutureCard for all their purchases across home, mobility, food and other shopping, the more climate smart spending categories we can afford to add that earn 5% cashback.
Why does fighting climate change start with me?
The choices we make every day have a tremendous impact on our climate. An estimated 66% of carbon emissions are linked to decisions we make about how we live, eat and move. There’s no time to wait for others to act. Let’s make the fight against climate change personal.
Why don’t you just plant trees?
Future’s co-founder was on a mission to plant and nurture enough tree saplings to offset his family’s carbon footprint. To offset their footprint for the next ten years meant planting 7,600 trees and making sure those trees are healthy and thrive year after year. Every average American family would need to plant their own forest with thousands of trees each. That seemed daunting. It was much less daunting to figure out how to make climate smart choices to lower their family’s carbon emissions in the first place. Plus, not everyone has the extra cash each month to plant trees. Hence, FutureCard is designed to be good for your wallet and the planet.
What are FutureCoins?
FutureCoins is a revolutionary rewards program that pays you to reduce your carbon footprint!

Here’s how it works: You earn FutureCoins by completing Missions in the Future app, such as switching to an electric vehicle, opting for public transit instead of driving, saving on gas and electricity, or purchasing refurbished rather than brand-new electronics.