Future Missions

Earn cash by saving carbon.
Sign up for FutureCard Visa® Debit Card to complete Missions to earn valuable FutureCoins.

Understand your carbon impact.

You have the power to create a better, more sustainable world through your everyday choices. With Future's Missions, you now earn extra cash for making a difference.

You can make a difference today!

You can buy refurbished tech, go thrifting, switch to electric rides or save on your energy bills with a Future Mission.

Get paid to reduce your carbon footprint!

When you reduce your emissions you are doing something truly valuable and worth a lot. That is why Future pays you for your carbon savings.

Want to go on a Mission?

Step 1: Activate Mission
Activate any of the listed Missions.

For example, you can buy refurbished tech, switch to an EV, or switch to community solar.
Step 2: Earn Rewards
Earn a FutureCoin for each metric ton of CO2e you save.

For example, if you save four metric tons of carbon by switching to an electric vehicle, you’ll earn four FutureCoins.
Step 3: Trade for Cash
Sell your FutureCoins for cash and earn money for saving the planet.

You can redeem FutureCoins at an initial starting value of $90 per coin!