Pay bills. Earn cash.

Use Future to pay your energy bills and earn 5% cashback*. It's that simple.
Save on Gas and Electric

Get 5% cashback on your gas & electric bills

Future Missions
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How it works

3 simple steps to cash

Download the Future App and Sign Up.

Get the App and sign up for the free Visa FutureCard Debit Card.

Pay your bill with Future and you're ready to earn!

Use your FutureCard to pay your local gas and electric bill, you'll receive cashback typically within 24-48 hours of paying your bill each month!

Activate the "Lower Your Gas Usage" & "Lower Your Electricity Usage" Missions in the Future app!

Earn a bit extra by lowering your gas and electricity usage each month. Check out Future Missions in the app to learn more!
Future Missions
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