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10 Halloween Costumes You Can Easily Thrift

Halloween is just around the corner, and the pressure to find the perfect costume is mounting.

Halloween is just around the corner, and the pressure to find the perfect costume is mounting. Want a costume that's good for your wallet and the planet? Head to the thrift store! With a little creativity, you can unearth some fantastic costumes that won't break the bank. Here are 10 ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Woman dressed in a witch costume holding a pumpkin


A classic witch costume is a timeless favorite, and you can easily assemble one from thrift store finds. Look for a black dress, a wide-brimmed hat, and some dark accessories like a lace shawl or a broomstick. With a little makeup and a dash of creativity, you can transform into the wickedest witch at the party without spending a fortune.


Arrr, matey! Pirates are always a hit at Halloween parties. Search for a ruffled blouse, a vest, some baggy pants, and a belt at your local thrift store. Don't forget an eye patch, a bandana, and a plastic sword to complete your look.


Zombies are a Halloween staple, and thrift stores are a goldmine for creating the perfect undead look. Search for flannels, jeans, t-shirts, and other clothing that you don't mind ripping and staining. Tear it up, add some fake blood, and apply ghoulish makeup to complete the zombie transformation.

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A ghost costume is as simple as it gets, making it a perfect thrift store find. Look for an oversized white sheet or a white dress, and you're halfway there. Cut out some eye holes, add some ethereal makeup, and you'll be hauntingly good to go.

'80s Pop Star

Channel your inner Madonna or Michael Jackson with an '80s pop star costume. Thrift stores are treasure troves of neon-colored clothing, leather jackets, and funky accessories. Layer on the bangles, tease your hair, and you'll be ready to dance the night away to some '80s hits.


Vampires never go out of style, and you can easily create a bloodsucking look from thrifted items. Find a formal dress or a suit in dark, rich colors like black or deep red. Add a white shirt with a frilly collar, a black cape, and some fake fangs, and you'll be a creature of the night in no time.

Movie Character

If you have a favorite movie character in mind, chances are you can thrift their costume. Whether it's a classic character like Indiana Jones or a more recent superhero, scour thrift shops for items that resemble their signature look. With a little ingenuity, you can put together a memorable movie-themed costume.



Thrift stores often have a selection of colorful spandex and athletic wear that can easily be transformed into a superhero costume. Look for items in vibrant hues, add a cape, and accessorize with a mask or some DIY logos. Whether you want to be Superman, Wonder Woman, or your own unique hero, thrifting can make it happen.


Clowns can be creepy or comical, depending on your preference. Thrift stores usually have a variety of colorful and oversized clothing items that can help you achieve the clown look. Add a wig, some face paint, and a red nose, and you'll be the life of the Halloween circus.

'60s Party Goer

Peace, love, and thrifted costumes! Embrace the spirit of the '60s by hunting for bell-bottom pants, fringed vests, tie-dye shirts, and round sunglasses at your local thrift store. Throw in some flower power accessories, and you'll be groovy in no time.


Halloween doesn't have to be a budget-buster. With pieces from the thrift store, you can easily put together creative and unique costumes without emptying your wallet.

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