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5 Environmental Justice Organizations You Should Be Supporting

It is important to recognize organizations that are trying to provide solutions to environmental injustice. These organizations are amongst some of our favorites.  

Climate protestors hold signs related to environmental justice and climate change.

Climate Justice Alliance 

The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) organizes climate action centered around the principles of the Just Transition. The Just Transition is the practice of giving economic control to local communities and investing in regenerative economies.  Its massive intersectional web of organizations and movements covers tons of issues including food sovereignty, energy democracy, reinvesting power, and grassroots organizing. From youth movements to movements for racial justice, CJA is one of the largest organizations promoting the fight against climate injustice. Its website also provides incredible resources for education and action.  

Indigenous Environmental Network 

The Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) is a grassroots organization of indigenous communities and individuals aiming to create meaningful change. They base their mission on protecting the sacredness of the Earth against exploitive corporations that harm their lands. Aligning their practices with indigenous knowledge and natural law, the IEN partners with multiple other environmental organizations to combat environmental injustice. They also organize to promote the Just Transition, however, their main mission is aiding and guiding global tribal governments into gaining sovereignty and authority over environmental action.  

Labor Network for Sustainability  

The Labor Network for Sustainability (LNS) is an organization founded to address labor concerns that are growing more prevalent with climate change. LNS centers its mission on protecting workers against climate change, addressing the income inequality of workers, and promoting greener industries that minimize or eliminate harmful emissions. LNS fights against climate injustice by organizing climate strikes, creating jobs that have access to unions, and investing in marginalized communities affected by income equality. Their website offers tons of resources for education on climate change and income inequality, as well as toolkits on starting your own climate strikes.  

Sunrise Movement  

Sunrise Movement is a youth movement group that promotes youth involvement in the fight against climate injustice. Its mission is to promote the Green New Deal and elect “champions” of the Green New Deal. By communicating with communities across the country, the Sunrise Movement has created a large network of young climate activists that lobby for environmental justice. Its Wide-Awake campaign seeks to “wake up” politicians on the dangers of climate change and the necessity for green policy. With dozens of sunrise hubs across the U.S, the Sunrise Movement, anyone can get involved in the rallies, protests, and voting events that the organization hosts.  


350 is an organization that focuses on providing resources and education on the impacts of climate change and environmental hazards. 350 primarily pushes to stop fossil fuels in order to get the atmosphere to 350ppm, the desirable amount of CO2. 350 provides resources and guides on how to start organizing and volunteering whether you want to lead the action, join the movement, learn more about the movement, or donate. By focusing its practice on science and intersectionality, 350 stands as a leading organization against harmful environmental practices.