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Environmental Justice Organizations Making an Impact

This Black History Month, we want to highlight the environmental justice organizations that are making strides in the fight against climate change. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Intersectional Environmentalist

Intersectional Environmentalist aims to educate communities on the importance of diverse voices in climate action by hosting workshops, providing educational resources, and training young climate activists from diverse backgrounds.

The Solutions Project

The Solutions Project provides grantmaking, media, and cultural support for grassroots organizations that are using community organizing to combat climate change. They believe local community leaders finding climate solutions need support so they can help their communities fight climate change.

Indigenous Environmental Network

IEN is a grassroots organization of indigenous communities and individuals aiming to create meaningful change. They base their mission on protecting the sacredness of the Earth against exploitive corporations that harm their lands.

Black Millennials 4 Flint

Black Millennials 4 Flint is an environmental justice and civil rights organization that concentrates on combatting the disproportionate lead exposure seen in African American and Latinx communities.

NC Environmental Justice Network

North Carolina has faced environmental injustice for decades, from the dumping of hazardous waste to dangerous pollution from industrial hog farms. They work with a coalition of community organizations to help low-income communities face these issues.

WE ACT for Environmental Justice

WE ACT for Environmental Justice promotes and advocates for the political participation of low-income communities to impact environmental decision-making. They aim to help low-income communities in NY that are being affected by environmental health crises.

Black Girl Environmentalist

Black Girl Environmentalist works to empower Black girls, women and non-binary people across environmental disciplines. Through programming, educational resources, and mentorship, they strive to create an inclusive climate movement.

Climate Justice Alliance

CJA is a collective of over 70 rural and urban community-based organizations focused on sustainability, the development of underrepresented communities, and poverty alleviation — all with the wider aim of addressing climate change.