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How to Celebrate Disability Pride Month

Discover inspiring ways to celebrate Disability Pride Month with insights from disabled climate activist Daphne Frias and Good Good Good.

July is Disability Pride Month, the month when the Americans with Disability Act passed in 1990. It's the time to uplift voices in the disabled community, support disability activists, and bring awareness to disability-related issues. 

Championing Climate and Disability Justice

Climate change is a disabling event, and climate justice is disability justice. Despite being particularly at risk from the impacts of extreme weather, "people with disabilities are being systematically ignored by governments around the world when it comes to the climate crisis," The Guardian reported. 

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Disability Pride Month from disabled climate activist Daphne Frias and Good Good Good


Take time this month to learn more about ableism, disability justice, the experiences of disabled people, and the connections between disability justice and climate justice. Diversability is a great platform that shares educational resources, and books like Demystifying Disability are great resources as well. 

The climate crisis is a disabling event, and not only disables new people, but is continuously disabling for people who are already disabled. - Daphne Frias 

Support organizations that center disabled voices and work to advance disability and climate justice. Such organizations include...

  • Asian Americans with Disabilities Initiative
  • Intersectional Environmentalist
  • Center for Self Advocacy 
  • All Wheels Up
  • Open Doors NYC
  • SustainedAbility
  • Disability-Inclusive Climate Action Research Programme

Educate others on issues related to disability and climate justice, and uplift disability activists in your community. 


Head to a disability pride parade, and celebrate the work of disability justice activists in your community.