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How to Have a Sustainable Halloween Party

We teach you how to host an eco-friendly Halloween party that will help reduce your environmental impact while enjoying the spooky festivities.

From spooky decorations to delicious sweets, here are ways you can have a sustainable Halloween party this season! 


It is always fun to get in the holiday spirit, but it is even more satisfying when it comes with the knowledge that you are being environmentally conscious. Make sure you don’t buy plastic decorations that will be thrown away at the end of the night – instead, try to get ones that will last for years to come, or use ones made out of natural materials like pumpkins and fall foliage. Check out this article about more sustainable décor ideas.  

Candy and Sweets 

Halloween is an exciting holiday for kids and adults alike, but it can have a major environmental impact. The amount of packaging that goes into the average Halloween haul has been estimated to be almost 300 pounds per household in the U.S.! In order to reduce your impact this year, try some of these tips. Buy your candy from bulk bins or local sources so you can avoid unnecessary packaging. Ask your guests to bring homemade treats instead of store-bought. Donate any unwanted candy to a charity like Operation Gratitude so it can be sent overseas. 


One of the best ways to make your Halloween party sustainable is to entertain your guests with games that use recycled materials or recyclable products. If you have a treasure hunt planned for your event, for example, your list of items to find can be filled with recyclable items like soda bottles or water bottles from around the house. With a game like Scavenger Hunt, not only are you providing your guests with entertainment and novelty, but you are helping them to recycle as well! After the Scavenger Hunt, you can host other fun activities like a talent show and costume contests.