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How to Register to Vote

Voting is critical in the fight against climate change. With the midterm elections right around the corner, here’s a quick guide on how to register to vote in your home state!

Register to vote

Online Registration 

There are three ways to register to vote. While the deadlines all vary by state, the easiest way to register to vote is online, which most states and select US territories offer. Simply go to your home state’s official voter registration website and follow their provided directions.  

Many states do require identification such as a driver’s license or a Social Security number, so be sure to have those readily available when you register. In 2023, the state of Maine will open a voter registration website as well, so Maine residents, be on the lookout!  

In-Person Registration 

For states that do not have online registration, don’t worry! All states have in-person registration. The vast majority of states have in-person registration centers located in areas like DMVs, county clerk offices, or other community hubs like libraries or disability centers. The only state that does not require voter registration for national elections is North Dakota, as it only requires registration for local elections. States like New Hampshire only allow in-person registration at your local county clerk’s office. 

Mail-in Registration 

If you can’t register in-person and your state does not have online registration, all states support mail-in voter registration. Simply request a form from your state’s clerk office or official website and they will send a form for you to fill out.  

Remember to declare your party affiliation while registering. 31 states and DC require party affiliation during registration. Some states require you to declare party affiliation in order to participate in primary elections for specific parties. You can also set up mail-in voting so you can receive ballots at home. 

To ensure everything is accurate, it is recommended that you refer to your state’s official voter registration/election website. There, they will give you all the information you need to get started.