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Where to Get Information on the Inflation Reduction Act

Curious about where to get reliable information on the Inflation Reduction Act? Check out these trusted resources that expertly dissect the legislation.

The historic Inflation Reduction Act that was just signed into law by President Biden is a major step forward in our fight against climate change. We have extensively covered the legislation already, but where do we get our information? Here are some great resources that expertly dissect the Inflation Reduction Act! 


Investopedia is a great resource to learn about the financial aspects of legislation. This is a great resource for those interested in knowing how much is being invested into climate change and the economy. Investopedia also provides easy-to-digest bulleted information. This makes it easy to understand what’s in the bill! 

The American Prospect 

The American Prospect is a progressive online magazine focused on breaking down and analyzing public policy. This website is particularly adept at highlighting the lesser-known details of major legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act. Oftentimes, the smallest details are hard to catch and the American Prospect catches the overlooked, yet meaningful pieces of information. While there is a political slant in their analysis, they remain highly informative for those who want to know the finer details. is a great resource to examine the Inflation Reduction Act through a climate perspective. This website is most desirable for those most interested in sustainability and climate action. Their analysis highlights the environmental benefits of this bill and other major legislation passed by Congress. 

The White House  

Of course, nothing can surpass the primary source. The White House composed a series of fact sheets that can be easily searched on their website. These fact sheets include in-depth analyses on a variety of topics, ranging from cost estimates to benefits for marginalized communities.  

While it does not hurt to refer to third-party sources to give their insights on the legislation, the White House is the most reliable when acquiring information. After all, no other source understands the legislation better than the people involved in the legislation process.