Climate Action

Why Voter Participation Matters in the 2022 Election

Midterm elections are as important as presidential elections. Here’s why you shouldn’t sleep on them.

Many voters tend to sit out during the midterm elections since it does not feel as high stakes as presidential races. However, midterm elections are as important as presidential elections. Here’s why you shouldn’t sleep on them.

Power of Climate Policy 

The historic passage of the Inflation Reduction Act will reduce the United States’ carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. While this reduction is massive, it’s important to remember that the bill is a scaled-back version of the “Build Back Better” plan proposed by the Biden Administration. Despite its limitations, it offers a clear path toward substantial climate action. To ensure that happens, make your voice heard by electing candidates in the House and Senate that will commit to passing legislation that combats climate change. 

Power of Engagement 

The urgency of combatting climate change may not be felt across all communities. Being engaged in democracy goes well beyond voting in November. It means being involved in educating other people about the issues at hand. Climate change should not be constrained by politics as it impacts everyone, regardless of political affiliation. Encouraging others to get involved during a major election cycle is pivotal to the sustainability movement. Involvement could look like volunteering for a campaign that supports climate action, such as going door-to-door or calling constituents. 

Climate Action on a Smaller Scale 

Outside of the national context, this upcoming election is significant on a local level as well. State elections are often overlooked during the midterm elections. State governments play a large role in combatting climate change as well, so spreading awareness about the importance of local elections. Some states like New York have proposals that could dedicate money towards the climate. Ensuring that your local state government is committed to investing towards a more sustainable future is paramount in the fight against climate change. The power of state elections should not be underestimated as states have the authority to enact their own climate policies, such as banning off-shore drilling, investing in green energy, and providing tax credits for energy efficiency. Every little bit counts in the sustainability movement, and that includes the ballot.