Slash Carbon. Earn FutureCoins

Future Pays you to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Sign up for FutureCard Visa® Debit Card to complete Missions to earn valuable FutureCoins.

FutureCoins is a revolutionary rewards program that pays you to reduce your carbon footprint!

Here’s how it works: You earn FutureCoins by completing Missions in the Future app, such as switching to an electric vehicle, opting for public transit instead of driving, saving on gas and electricity, or purchasing refurbished rather than brand-new electronics.  

You’ll earn one FutureCoin for each metric tonne of carbon you save by completing Missions. For example, if you save four tons of carbon by switching to an electric vehicle, you’ll earn four FutureCoins.  

Once earned, you can redeem FutureCoins at an initial starting value of $90 per coin! It’s our way of rewarding you for doing your part to help the planet! Let’s build a more sustainable economy together, one Mission at a time!