Siblings Candles lights up spaces with sustainable, handcrafted candles, illuminating eco-friendly scents that spark joy and conscience.

Siblings is rewriting the candle story with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. They've pioneered easy-to-assemble DIY candles that not only smell heavenly but also do wonders for the planet. By eschewing throwaway culture, Siblings offers clean-burning wax and luxe fragrances that last longer, curbing waste. Their candles boast a blend of coconut, soy, and apricot oil, while their fragrances remain non-toxic and cruelty-free. Siblings' planet-friendly packaging, 100% compostable and predominantly plant-based, further underscores their eco-conscious ethos. Since their founding in 2019, they've offset their entire carbon footprint, setting an impressive standard in sustainable living.

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