Sustainable Shopping

5 Thrift Shopping Tips for Saving Money and the Planet

In honor of Secondhand September, we've got some thrifty tips for sustainable shopping that not only help the planet by reducing waste and carbon emissions but also save you money.

Did you know that buying one handbag used instead of new can save at least 267 pounds of carbon emissions? 

Thrift shopping prevents waste, reduces carbon emissions, and can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. In honor of Secondhand September, here’s our top tips for sustainable secondhand shopping.  

Always Check Thrift Stores First 

Anytime you need something, make a note and try to find it used instead of new. Thrift shops aren’t just for clothes – if you need kitchenware, jars, plant pots, lightbulbs, office supplies, or anything else, you can probably find it at your local thrift store! If you can’t, then try finding it from a sustainable retailer.  

Make a List  

Keep a list of what you're looking for to prevent over buying. Use it to guide your shopping and stay mindful of what you’re purchasing. Anytime you think of a piece of clothing, home décor, or any other item that you want or need, make a note of it on your phone that you can reference during shopping.  

Don’t Overbuy! 

Thrift stores are both sustainable and affordable, but don’t use that as an excuse to overbuy! Only buy what you to prevent waste. This can help you reduce buying things that will just end up sitting in the back of your closet, and can keep inventory available for those who need to purchase all their necessities at the thrift store. 

Be Patient  

It may take several trips to the thrift store to find what you’re looking for. Be patient and don't rush to buy it if you can't find it right away! Make sure to be thorough as you dig through bins and racks, and don’t give up if the first store you go to doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Patience is key! 

Look Online  

If you end up not finding what you need at a local thrift store, try checking online secondhand retailers. ThredUp, Depop, Poshmark, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, or local no-buy groups are all great online resources for secondhand goods. You can also ask friends and family if they have anything they’re getting rid of that fits into what you need.

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