Sustainable Shopping

Best Zero Waste and Sustainable Bathroom Products

Swap out single-use plastics in your bathroom with these 5 sustainable alternatives from eco-conscious brands.

Most products in your bathroom are made with single-use plastics. Here are 5 products from sustainable brands that will help you cut down on single-use plastics in your bathroom. 

Blueland Body Wash 

Blueland’s body wash comes in a reusable bottle called the “forever bottle". You simply mix some water and a packet of body wash powder and you’re ready to go. Blueland’s body wash powder is more affordable than many body washes in single-use plastic bottles.  

Ethique Handwash Concentrate 

The handwash concentrate by Ethique is completely plastic-free and can make 350g from a single concentrate. Unlike other “sustainable” hand soaps, this handwash is both palm-oil-free and comes in compostable packaging. The product is luxurious,affordable and uses essential oils and eucalyptus that are all  good for the environment, your skin, and your wallet. 

Delilah Home Bath Towels  

Delilah Home’s plush bath towels are high quality, long-lasting towels that are a chic shift to climate-smart living. Made with 100% organic Turkish cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard they can help you reduce carbon emissions and water contamination.  

Eco Girl All-Purpose Cleaning Solution 

Instead of paying for a cleaning product made mostly of water, try Eco Girl’s all-purpose cleaning solution. Made by a small woman-owned business called Barn Cats Creations, this Eco Girl product supports the zero-waste movement on a local scale. With this solution, all you need is a reusable bottle.  

Parachute Sea Sponge 

Swap your hazardous plastic loofah for Parachute’s natural sea sponge made with biodegradable wool. Plastic loofahs often end up in landfills, taking years to biodegrade. And despite their frequent use, plastic loofahs create bacteria buildup that can cause infections. Avoid this by making the environmentally conscious decision to opt for a natural sponge.  

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