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How can you get involved in climate action? Use this venn diagram

If you’ve read countless articles about how to help fight the climate crisis and still feel at a loss for where to start, check out Climate Action Venn Diagrams! Climate leader and marine biologist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson created this straightforward exercise to help you figure out what climate action works best for your lifestyle and interests. 

The diagram aims to arrive at the climate action most maintainable and effective for you, therefore the action that produces the most meaningful impact. The center of the venn diagram – your climate action – is derived from combining your answers to these three questions. 


What brings you joy? 

Write down absolutely anything that makes you feel energized, environmental or otherwise. This enthusiasm is key to finding the climate action that will spark the most joy. 

What are you good at? 

This question extends beyond your own expertise to the people and sectors you can influence. In other words, what can you contribute to your community and your industry? This could be anything from your established skills, resources, and networks? This self-reflective question doesn't necessarily have to correspond to the climate. Rather, your strengths can fit into climate action because addressing climate change requires change-makers of all kinds. 

What is the climate and justice work that needs to be done? 

This question emphasizes action: we already know what we need to do to help the planet, we just need widespread, effective implementation. As a starting point, utilize resources that outline what system-level and individual solutions are crucial for addressing the climate crisis. Given the number of actions needed, focus on issues that captivate you and are feasible to implement. 


With these three questions answered (see this template for drafting your diagram and the climate venn diagram’s instagram for inspiration), your unique abilities and interests can merge with climate issues to find where you can make the biggest impact. No matter what your optimal climate action, your environmental work is a step in the right direction! 


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