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How to travel sustainably and affordably

Did you know that traveling accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions?  

Reevaluating the way you travel can significantly impact your carbon footprint. Here are some environmentally friendly ways to travel sustainably.  

Make the Green Choice 

Choose the most eco-conscious option whenever possible. Go on bike/walking tours, take public transit saving yourself money as well as carbon emissions. If you need to take an uber, use Uber Green a low-emissions option. If you have the option, save yourself money and try out the train! Not only is it the green and affordable choice, but often it’s the nostalgic choice.  

Look at the best flight options

Plane flies in the air.

When considering a flight compare emission rates on Google flights.  Google clearly lays out the flights with the smallest carbon footprints.  

Plan accordingly connects you to the local communities in your final destination. Enjoy unforgettable experiences while staying conscious of local people and nature. The trips are centered around sustainable destinations.  

Support local economies 

Local vendors make street food.

Local economies and businesses are often dependent on tourism. It is important to support these economies so that they can continue to sustain themselves, and their homes. Great ways of doing this are checking out local produce stands and purchasing jewelry and gifts from local artisans and vendors.  

Minimize your footprints 

While traveling, reduce your consumption of single-use plastics and opt for more sustainable options. For a list of eco-friendly travel essentials, check out our most recent blog post.   

Explore locally  

Woman explores a local bookstore.

The average US family uses 44% of their travel budget navigating to their final destination. A great way to cut costs is a “staycation”. Staycations reintroduce you to your local community while saving you money. Go for a hike, picnic, or visit a local museum, bookstore, or farmers market.  

Go digital 

Around 69 million tons of paper is used annually in the United States. Keep a digital copy of your plane tickets, dinner reservations and other travel documents limits unnecessary paper waste.  

Support Green Businesses 

Research sustainable food and lodging options. For a list of some green eateries, visit Open Table. For a list of eco-friendly hotels, visit Green Vacations. A quick online search can provide useful and eco-friendly information. 


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