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5 Sustainable LGBTQ+ Businesses to Support This Pride Month

From cosmetics to clothing to spices, here are five sustainable businesses you should support this Pride month and beyond.

In honor of Pride month, we’re highlighting LGBTQ+-owned, climate-friendly businesses that we love. From cosmetics to clothing to spices, here are five sustainable businesses you should support this Pride Month and beyond.  

1. Meow Meow Tweet

Founded by Jeff Kurosaki (they/them) and Tara Pelletier (she/they), Meow Meow Tweet is a personal care brand that sells a variety of low waste, ethically sourced, and vegan skincare products. The brand carries everything you need for your face, hair, and body, including deodorant, sunscreen, cleansers, moisturizers, and more. They also offer a refill program so you can buy products in bulk and then return your product packaging for reuse, lowering your carbon and waste footprint! They are a certified B corporation, climate neutral, and certified plastic negative.

2. Wildfang

Wildfang creates clothes for everyone, everywhere by rethinking gender norms and how they show up in clothing. They sell everything from blazers to coveralls and button-ups. They embrace sustainability from start to finish – their factories meet set standards for energy and water conservation, wastewater management, and humane working conditions. This year, they are also working to be carbon neutral through a partnership with Climate Neutral Certified.

3. Arcane Swim

Owned by a queer woman and focused on sustainability, Arcane Swim seeks to revolutionize the way swimsuits are made. Their swimsuits are crafted by Brazilian artisans with Amni Soul Eco, the world’s first biodegradable nylon fabric that’s Oeko-Tex 100 certified. All orders are shipped carbon neutral in compostable mailers. Fabric scraps created during production are used to make dog beds that are then donated to shelters in need!

Woman poses in a white swimsuit.

4. Diaspora Co.

Diaspora Co. wants to build climate resiliency while growing a better spice trade. They source 30 delicious, single-origin spices from 150 farms across India and Sri Lanka. Their farmers engage in sustainable land stewardship, which helps build climate resiliency while being paid an average of 6x above the commodity price!


NOTO is a gender-fluid cosmetic line created with all bodies in mind. From cleansers to serums to makeup, NOTO creates products that are vegan, multi-use, and conscious of the earth. NOTO has made changes at every level of production to reduce its ecological footprint. NOTO uses all recyclable and biodegradable packaging, uses locally sourced and fair-trade ingredients, and in Los Angeles, has a refill station for existing customers.

Woman applies sustainable cosmetics.


Go Green with Pride and Support LGBTQ+ Businesses!

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