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Sustainable Back to School Fashion

For many students the best part of back-to-school is the new clothes. Here are some places where you can find sustainable back-to-school fashion that avoids items harmful to the environment.  

Children wear colorful backpacks and clothes.

Children (4-8) 

Keeping up with growth spurts is a challenge, we get it! So how do you reduce your waste when you’re constantly buying new clothes?  Hanna Anderson understands this struggle and is committed to making clothes that can be passed down for many generations. This is their “Hanna-me-down Philosophy.” 

Made with organic cotton using thicker, more substantial yarn makes the clothes more durable. In fact, their pajamas are said to be 55% more durable than competitors. Other mindful details, such as fold-down cuffs help pants fit for longer, in hopes that Hanna Anderson clothes stand the test of time. 

Another circular option for the fashion-enthused parents out there is The RealReal. Known for their designer consignment, The RealReal surprisingly has great kid's options for a relatively affordable price point.   

Youth (9-12) 

Inspired by her daughter to make clothes kids could play in, express themselves with, and don’t harm the planet, Tierra Forte founded Mightly. Teirra Forte aims to show kids and their parents that sustainability doesn’t have to be boring. Mightly’s vibrant, expressive back-to-school clothes prove that “basics” can be fun too.  

Dedicated to a holistic approach to sustainability, Mightly’s organic cotton clothing is made by the Chetna Organic Farmer’s Association. Chetna is an organization that supports farming families in India countering poverty and promoting sustainable practices. Through its fund, Chetna is able to help kids in gain better access to education helping not just your child with back-to-school, but other children as well.  

Teen wearing a shirt with fruits walks at school while holding binders and books.

Teens (13-17) 

Shopping sustainably can be a challenge for teens exploring personal styles. With new trends every few months, it can seem like an impossible task. Thankfully,  Frankie makes trendy clothes for teens that aren’t bad for the environment.  

Using vintage materials and reworking fabrics, Frankie creates new clothes out of old ones. This significantly reduces waste and carbon emissions. Additionally, 1% of profits go to the customer’s choice of non-profit. If you or your teen are interested in sustainable alternatives to trendy clothes, visit here for more ideas.  

Young Adults (18-22) 

The best time to start building a staple wardrobe is the transition into adulthood. If you don’t know where to start, Quince has great pieces that are made to last. Their “The Minimal Edit” capsule wardrobe makes it easy with pre-picked items.  

Cutting out the middlemen in the production process allows Quince to reduce their carbon footprint, Quince ships directly from the factory to your door. This significantly reduces transportation and ensures timeless pieces in a climate-friendly way.  


For students who are required to wear a uniform to school, you can still make an impact by purchasing sustainable basics. Here is a list of places to find them:


-Maggie’s Organics 

-The Good Tee 



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