Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable Back to School Supplies

Navigate the back-to-school rush with sustainable and budget-friendly supplies for home and classroom.

Back-to-school can be a hectic time of year, making it difficult to stay mindful of sustainability. This back-to-school season, we are highlighting sustainable and affordable school supplies for both the classroom and the office.  

Plant Based Glue Sticks  

The Plant-Based Based Glue Sticks from Onyx and Green are made with natural ingredients that are safe for children. Unlike name-brand glue sticks, they don’t have an alarming smell and the glue is biodegradable. The plastic tube itself is made with recycled materials, reducing its overall carbon footprint.  

Natural Grass Pen 

Did you know that an estimated 1.6 billion plastic pens are thrown away annually? To stop this cycle, try the Agood Company’s Natural Grass Pens. They are made of meadow grass and BPA-free recycled plastics. When they run out of ink, simply refill and your pen will last the whole school year.  

Recycled Plastic Scissors  

Scissors are an essential back-to-school item, but it can be hard to find sustainable scissors. Thankfully, Onyx and Green makes scissors with entirely recycled plastics that are also anti-microbial. This means they are less likely to rust or become dull.

Organic Cotton Backpack  

The Organic Cotton Laptop Backpack by Fluf is GOTS certified and contains lining/padding made from post-consumer water bottles. This back-to-school item has a sleeve to accommodate a laptop, and plenty of space for pencil pouches, markers, etc. The bag is easily washable and can be broken down and composted once it reaches the end of its life.  

Organic Cotton Reusable Snack Bag  

Fluf also makes an Organic Cotton Reusable Snack Bag that are multipurpose and -friendly. A minimalist hand-crafted bag made by a family-owned and operated factory in India. Attention to detail and sustainable materials make this cute pouch a worthy purchase.  

Organic Cotton Pencil Case 

To store pens, pencils, erasers, and markers, try the Terra Thread fair-trade organic cotton pencil case. A carbon-neutral company, Terra Thread is committed to offsetting their carbon emissions. Additionally, each purchase contributes 10 meals to the non-profit Feeding America.  

A colorful children's pencil case holds scissors and other supplies.

Ruled Notebook 

Up to 160,000 trees are cut down each year, most of which are used for paper. The Decomposition ruled notebook is a great alternative to  a notebook made with new paper. Instead, this notebook uses recycled post-consumer paper that can be recycled when you’re done with it.  

Recycled Colored Pencils  

The Recycled Newspaper Colored Pencils from Onyx and Green are made with recycled newspaper and graphite. This package comes with 12 colors that are lead-free, making them safe for children. Their unique newspaper look makes them both artsy and fun.  

Plantable Graphite Pencils  

Extend the life of your pencils beyond the classroom or office with Plantable Spruce Tree Graphite Pencils from Sprout. These pencils are made with sustainably harvested wood and natural clay that contain spruce tree seeds. When buried, the clay and wood will biodegrade while the spruce tree seeds will sprout life.  

Refillable Hand Sanitizer 

Steering clear of classroom germs is especially tricky for children with developing immune systems. Avoid getting sick withPlain Products refillable peppermint hand sanitizer. The bottle is made of recycled aluminum that is both durable and BPA-free. Produced with essential oils and free of harmful chemicals, your child can stay germ-free and climate-friendly.  

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