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Top Tips to Make Your Bathroom More Climate-Friendly

From using zero waste products to reducing your water consumption, here are the best ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your bathroom.

Adjusting your everyday bathroom habits can have a significant impact on your overall carbon footprint. Slowly swapping disposable products with reusable products reduces waste and will lead to long-term savings. Here are our top tips for reducing the carbon footprint of your bathroom.  

Refill and Zero Waste Products 

Purchasing a new bottle of shampoo every time you run out adds up. Instead, frequent a refilling station where you bring your empty product containers and fill up. It’s usually less expensive than a brand-new bottle. If you don’t have access to a refill station, consider buying shampoo and soap in bar-form avoiding plastic packaging, or switching to larger bottles of product. EarthHero’s beauty and care section is a great place to find zero and low-waste products.  

DIY Cleaning Solution 

Instead of buying separate cleaning solutions for your countertops, shower grout, and sink, try making your own non-toxic, all-purpose solution using products you have on hand. For a climate-friendly cleaning solution, mix equal parts white vinegar and water with an essential oil or fragrance of your choice. Pour this into an empty spray bottle and use it as a safe, effective, and low-cost cleaner.  

Use Less Disposable Items 

In the typical bathroom, you’ll find several plastic razors, synthetic loofahs, and disposable hygiene products. By switching to reusable versions of these products, you’ll reduce your emissions, your periodic spending, and how much you’re adding to landfills!  

Sustainable products sit in a bathroom.

Less is More 

One of the best things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint is simply consume less. Thinking about buying a new skincare product? Finish what you have on hand first. Want a new bubble bath, exfoliator, or shaving cream? Search recipes to make your own.  Decreasing your consumption is always the most sustainable option. It’ll leave you with more space on your bathroom counter and more cash in your wallet. 

The Colder the Better 

Many enjoy a nice warm shower, but there are multiple benefits to turning down the heat. Reducing warm water usage reduces the amount you use your water heater, minimizing energy consumption. Additionally, cold showers have health benefits like decreasing dry skin and improving scalp health. To better adapt to cold showers, incrementally change the temperature down to lukewarm. It will lighten the demand from your water heater, and it is gentler on your skin. 

Buy Sustainable Toilet Paper 

Most toilet paper is made from virgin tree pulp – but one tree only produces enough to yield 810 rolls! There are many brands out there that sell more sustainable options made out of recycled materials. Who Gives a Crap, for example, sells toilet paper made from 100% post-consumer recycled content (like newspaper, textbooks, office paper, etc.) as well as rolls made from bamboo, which is also a sustainable option. And each roll is wrapped in 100% compostable paper packaging instead of plastic.  

Be Water Wise! 

As our climate warms, more of us are experiencing the effects of water stress. One simple tip to reduce your water usage is to displace water in your toilet’s tank using a filled, closed half-gallon bottle. Simply place the bottle in the tank and watch your water usage go down with every flush. Other options include switching to low-flow showerheads and faucets.  And if you have the opportunity, it’s great to switch to electric water heaters instead of those powered by burning fossil fuels. 

Person washes their hands in a bathroom.

Keep the Windows Open

Instead of using the ceiling fan to defog mirrors, simply open the windows. During colder weather, it’s not the best idea to have the windows open, so open the door instead. 

Rinse Responsibly

Most people apply soap and scrub with the faucet running, instead apply soap and scrub before turning on the faucet. This may seem like a small behavioral change, but it pays dividends in water preservation. This same behavioral change applies to brushing your teeth or shaving. You may be surprised how much water you save! 

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