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10 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Shop This Summer

Eco-conscious brands are taking the fashion industry by storm. Here are some of our favorite environmentally friendly brands to shop this summer.  


Colorful Standard 

Colorful Standard avoids trends, to prevent waste, focusing on the essentials for both men and women. Their “timeless essentials” are adaptable to the seasons, and wearable throughout the year. Using organic cotton and recycled wool, the brand minimizes greenhouse gas emissions as well as the use of harmful chemicals. If you are unsure of where to start your sustainable fashion journey, this brand is a great place to start.   


Looking for cute and colorful summer staples? Bamford is for you. They focus on craftsmanship and design, while emphasizing the importance of respecting the earth. Collaborating with artisan communities in places like India and Scotland, the clothes are hand-made with natural biodegradable fibers. The diversification of materials and design means there is no over-farming when acquiring fabrics.  


Veja creates sustainable shoes, perfect for summer activities. Veja saw that there weren’t any environmentally friendly sneakers and decided to build a shoe with sustainable materials. Their shoes are made of organic cotton and recycled plastic.  


MUD Jeans 

MUD Jeans is on a mission to make denim eco-conscious. MUD Jeans save 6,523 liters of water per pair, reducing water waste exponentially. They pride themselves on recycling jeans as well, diverting as many jeans as possible from landfills. Their circular model is revolutionizing fashion industry operations.  

Vitamin A 

Vitamin A is known for innovative, comfortable, plant-based swimwear. How is it plant-based?  Vitamin A sources material from castor beans, creating a smooth fabric perfect for swimwear. Plus, a percentage of each purchase is donated to organizations aiming to protect our planet’s oceans from pollution.  

Good Guys 

Good Guys is a shoe brand that is unique in its emphasis on cruelty-free products. As the very first vegan shoe company, the brand is paving the way for a new era of footwear. Their summer collection is a great selection of sandals and footwear. Vegans and non-vegans alike have grown to love these shoes.   


Girlfriend Collective 

From sportswear to swimwear to loungewear, Girlfriend Collective has it all. Girlfriend Collective’s clothes are made from recycled materials, including fishing nets, water bottles, and fabric scraps. They even sell a microfiber filter that helps to get rid of microplastics in your water. Keeping microplastics out of our water supply has become more critical than ever. This brand combats microplastic pollution. 


Pact uses organic cotton in its clothing. Pact is also a supporter of the fair-trade organic cotton industry. More uniquely, when you receive a shipment from Pact, they provide education on offsetting the carbon used for transportation and “give back box” program for donated clothing. 


Focused on “buying less and enjoying longer,” Kotn concentrates on combatting overconsumption. With stores in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Montreal, Kotn has become famous for its classic clothes and affordability. Each purchase is almost entirely plastic-free purchase and comes with a complimentary tote.  

Fair Indigo  

Fair Indigo ensures its production process is not only sustainable for the environment, but for the people involved. Fair Indigo pays its workers in Peru fair wages and ensuressafe working conditions. In addition, The Fair Indigo Foundation funds education in under-resourced communities. Shop Fair Indigo to support the environment and the people who make the brand possible.  


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