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Sustainable Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Need climate-friendly gift ideas for the father figure in your life? From clothing to electronics to self-care, here’s our top choices for a sustainable Father’s Day.

Searching for eco-friendly gift ideas for the father figure in your life? Well, you're in luck! We've handpicked a range of sustainable Father's Day gifts, covering everything from stylish apparel and nifty gadgets to self-care goodies. Dive in and learn how to make this Father's Day extra special while being kind to the environment with our favorite picks.

Second-Hand Patagonia  

Did you know that buying used can extend a garment’s life by approximately two years, cutting its combined carbon, water, and waste footprint by 82%? Worn Wear is Patagonia's resale and trade-in program that sells gently used Patagonia gear that's good for the planet and your wallet. Pants, jackets, flannels, shorts, pullovers, and more are available at a fraction of the cost. Having trouble with sizing or not quite sure what to get? They also have gift cards.  

Our choice: Men's Lightweight Better Sweater® Jacket 

Man wears Patagonia jacket while hiking.

Gently-Used Electronics  

Every Dad likes tech, right? Back Market is an online marketplace for renewed devices that are restored by experts. Instead of buying new, save money and cut back on electronic waste. Never heard of e-waste? It’s the leading contributor of toxic waste worldwide; 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of every year. When you purchase from Back Market, you can reduce e-waste and still gift that fancy gadget.  

Our choice: Like-new Apple Airpods Pro 

Apple AirPods Pro sit on a table.

"Workleisure" Wear from Ministry of Supply  

Did you know that the fashion industry uses more energy than the aviation and shipping sectors combined with 85% of all textiles in the U.S ending up in landfills? Ministry of Supply is revolutionizing 'workleisure' by placing science and sustainability at its core. They make clothes that are comfortable, multi-purpose, and timeless. Ministry of Supply is zero emissions and climate-neutral certified, uses recycled materials, and pioneers zero waste production techniques in order to reduce waste and emissions.  

Our choice: “The Dad System” (One Composite Merino Tee and One Pace Poplin Chino) 

Rack of men's dress shirts.

Sustainable Goods from EarthHero  

EarthHero is an online marketplace full of sustainable goods from over 250+ brands that range from shaving gear to grilling tools. They're a certified B Corp and climate neutral, and only stock brands that use better materials, produce less waste, and have a lower carbon footprint than traditional retailers. Products sold by EarthHero are high quality and meant to last, meaning you can buy less and save more. They even have a whole collection of goods on their website specifically tailored toward father figures everywhere.  

Our choice: Men’s Cannon Canvas Vegan Sneakers or Stir It Up Turntable 

Man wears sustainable blue shoes.

Buy an experience, not things 

Go to a concert, see a movie, go on a hike or picnic – giving someone an experience can often be the most memorable and sustainable gift. Consumerism is one of the biggest drivers of climate change – the stuff we consume contributes up to 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing what you consume and gift, you can reduce your carbon footprint. Experiences have also proven to make us happier than material gifts.   

Our choice: Go on a walk in nature followed by a yummy, plant-based picnic. 

Father and son walk along a beach.

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