Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable Gift Guide for Every Budget

Explore sustainable holiday gifts for every budget, from kitchen essentials to fashion and tech accessories.

The holidays are right around the corner! No matter your budget, there’s a sustainable gift option for you. Here are some of our favorite gifts for every budget! 

< $50 

Ceramic Compost Bin: $46.99 

Keep your food scraps from the landfill with this 1 gallon Ceramic Compost Bin from Natural Home Brands! Made from an earthenware ceramic featuring a lead-free glaze, this bin is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Plus, with a charcoal filter in the lid, you'll never need to worry about smells. After collecting, you can transfer the scraps to your local compost facility or to your backyard compost.  

Undercut Bamboo Cutting Board: $30 

Cut, serve, carry, and snack with bambu's Undercut Bamboo Cutting Boards! They are made from sleek sustainably harvested bamboo, which resists swelling and washes easily, and is hand-finished with a non-toxic food-safe wood oil finish. Designed with subtle handholds at the ends, it carries easily so you can effortlessly go from cutting to serving.  

Forever Vessel: $48 

Siblings’ Forever Vessel is handmade by Guten Co, a ceramics studio based in San Antonio, Texas. Use it with any of their candle refills to make a sustainable, great-smelling candle. We recommend the winter scent, which is $26 and can be poured into the Forever Vessel or any vessel you already have at home! 

Starter Zero Waste Gift Box: $42 

Get a head start on your sustainability journey with this Starter Zero Waste gift box from EarthHero! This eco-friendly gift box bundle includes the book 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste, which breaks down simple swaps to go zero waste. Get started right away with the included bamboo toothbrush, reusable bamboo utensil set, and organic cotton mesh produce bag! All of the products are made from ethical, mindful, and eco-friendly materials and ingredients that are BPA and plastic free.  

Holiday Cheer Herbel Tea Gift box Set: $41.99 

Tea enthusiasts can ring in the holiday season with this Holiday Cheer Tea Gift Box Set! This USDA-certified organic tea set features 4 delicious artisan-made blends; Twilight Mint, Chokla, Cedarwood Chai, and Vanilla Rose Ceylon. Each tea blend starts with organically grown herbs sourced from local farmers in the Pacific Northwest and select international partners with safe and fair labor practices. Then, the teas are packaged in biodegradable corn-based tea bags to provide 24 delicious servings of herbal tea without the waste or microplastics!  

Flex Sip Coffee Mug: $32.95 

Reduce your waste from the coffee shop with the Hydro Flask Flex Sip Coffee Mug 16oz! Made from pro-grade stainless steel to ensure pure taste and no flavor transfer, this reusable coffee mug fits under most coffee brewing systems, and has a leak-proof lid with a smooth flow opening. The TempShield™ insulation eliminates condensation and keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours.  

Self-Care Mineral Bath Soak: $14.39 

Cozy up in the bath with the Self Care Mineral Bath Soak from Fat and the Moon! Made from mineral ingredients that suspend in the water instead of sinking to the bottom of the bath, it contains lavender and clary sage to nourish the skin and create a relaxing atmosphere. It's made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, and contains no phthalates, parabens, or sulfates!  


$50 - $100 

Positive Vibration 2 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones by House of Marley: $79.99 

These high-quality headphones are made out of recyclable wood and aluminum, ensuring that your favorite music is coming from zero-waste materials. This is a great gift for your music-loving friends or family. 

Atlas Men’s Sweatpants EV2 by tentree: $69.99 

These comfortable and stylish sweatpants use organic cotton and recycled polyester for its fabric, in addition to being made under safe and fair labor conditions. They are the perfect sweats for cozying up with a good book this winter! 

Batac Del Dia Backpack 16L by Cotopaxi: $59.99 

This vibrant and eye-catching backpack is made out of 100% repurposed nylon, which is why the colors are so varied and unique for each bag. This color scheme can help liven up your hiking trips, outdoor escapades, or work commute! 

Wooden Smartphone Speaker by Bitti Gritti: $59.00 

This eye-catching speaker design utilizes sustainably harvested birchwood and boasts a beautifully handcrafted design. Additionally, this speaker does not need additional batteries or a power source to work. Just plug in your phone and enjoy the tunes! 

Champ 20K Portable Charger by Nimble: $99.95 

Charge up your devices sustainably with this portable charger by Nimble. What’s sustainable about it? It’s made of over 72% recycled plastics, supports carbon-neutral shipping, and saves 8 tons of CO2 emissions compared to regular portable chargers! 

Dual Wooden iPhone Charging Dock by Oakywood: $74.99 

This simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing charging dock can be used as a great centerpiece for any living space. Not only is it convenient, but it also comes with sustainable benefits such as plastic free packaging and FSC Certified oakwood.  

Women’s Fleece Crew Dress by tentree: $77.99 

This sustainably stitched together fall dress is a great fashion item for this holiday season. Made out of 40% recycled polyester and 60% organic cotton, this cozy fleece dress also has a relaxed fit and hand pocket, making it not only comfortable, but convenient! 

Bioplastic Compostable Phone Cases: $59-69 

These high-quality, wholly compostable phone cases come in beautiful designs and vibrant colors. Pela Case supports a wide range of both Apple and Android phones. You can add a wallet attachment to the phone case for an additional $20! 



Refurbished Nintendo Switch Lite (Gray): starting at $161 

Play all your favorite video games on the go with a used Nintendo Switch Lite! Its quality is just as good as new and is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face, no matter their age. Plus, when you buy from Back Market, it’s almost $30 below the average retail price! 

Used iPhone SE 64GB: $127 

Why spend nearly $1,000 on a new Phone when you can get a perfectly functional, lightly used phone from 2020 for a fraction of the price? This used 64GB iPhone SE in fair condition goes for just $127, with excellent condition being slightly higher at $160. 

Women’s Mindo Vegan Sneakers by SAOLA: $109.95 

These leather-free sneakers are a great choice for the sustainably minded shopper this holiday season. Comprised of recycled and organic materials, these ultra-lightweight sneakers offer great comfort and great value for both the wallet and the planet! 

Men’s Hevea Rubber Chelsea Boot by Baxter Wood: $125 

These heavy-duty boots are well-equipped to handle the wintry seasons, and are made out of organic rubber! The rubber in these boots is made out of Hevea trees, a naturally renewable resource. This is a great low-waste, low-carbon alternative to regular boots. 

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