Sustainable Eating

Top Sustainable Grocery Delivery Services

There are multiple delivery companies dedicated to making grocery shopping more sustainable. Here are some great sustainable options we recommend!

In the United States, grocery stores create over 16 billion pounds of food waste per year. Grocery stores are also major contributors to worldwide plastic waste. Fortunately, there are multiple delivery companies dedicated to making grocery shopping more sustainable. Here are some great sustainable options we recommend! 

Misfits Market 

Misfits Market collects “ugly” produce many farmers can’t sell to retailers because it aesthetically displeasing and sells it directly to the consumer. Another benefit to Misfits is their eco-friendly packaging, they use biodegradable bags, compostable ice bags and insulation, as well as other recyclable materials like cardboard. Best of all, you can save up to 40% off the regular retail price for certain items and they deliver to all 48 contiguous states. 

Do Good Chicken 

Chicken is one of the most popular meats in the world, but meat is one of the most carbon intensive foods in the industry. How can chicken-lovers still enjoy their favorite meat more sustainably? Meet Do Good Chicken. What makes this company unique is they use surplus food from grocery stores to feed their chicken’s. This dramatically reduces food waste and the carbon footprint of meat production. Any leftover food is donated to food pantries and the chicken’s are raised humanely and cage-free. 

Thrive Market 

Thrive Market is a carbon-neutral delivery service carrying a wide variety of products at a discounted price. Thrive Market also carries a variety of non-food items ranging from skincare to supplements to vegan cleaning supplies. Your paid membership also contributes to a charitable cause.

Imperfect Foods 

Similar to Misfits, Imperfect Foods recovers unsold food deemed too misshapen to stock on store shelves. Imperfect is also free to join and offers non-food products like skincare items. What differentiates Imperfect Foods is they mostly sell in-house brand products, rather than third-party products found in a retailer.  This means that everything is curated to ensure products are of the highest quality, including third-party companies that meet their sustainable ideals. Of course, they also sell plant-based meats and milks. Imperfect Foods supports upcycled ingredients, meaning some of the foods use leftover ingredients that would otherwise be thrown out.  

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