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Sustainable Halloween Candy Alternatives

Make your Halloween celebrations more eco-friendly with our guide to sustainable candy options and alternative Halloween treats, helping you reduce waste while enjoying the spooky festivities.

Believe it or not, Halloween candy is a $3 billion industry that of course produces a lot of waste. You can make your trick or treating a little more sustainable with these simple adjustments. Below is our list of eco-friendly candy and more sustainable Halloween alternatives. 

Homemade Goodies 

Whoever said Halloween has to be about food? Creating your own sensory play things to hand out not only allows you to control your waste, but also makes you the most unique trick-or-treating house in the neighborhood. You can test out your own play dough with a Halloween spin. For some fall inspired fun, try out a melted pumpkin sensory bin. To keep it gooey, mix a batch of a Halloween slime recipe. To get even craftier, amass some premade painted or carved jack-o-lanterns, or set up some pumpkins for your trick-or-treaters to create themselves. 

Store-Bought Treats 

You don’t have to leave your zero-waste ambitions behind if you’re planning on handing out candy to trick-or-treaters—simply pay attention to packaging or consider candy alternatives. 

Look for cardboard-packaged candies which are generally recyclable. Single-serving boxed candies like Nerds, Mike and Ikes, Gobstoppers, Dots and Junior Mints are widely available and more eco-friendly than candies packaged in plastic. Similarly, chocolates covered in foil (which can often be purchased in bulk) are typically recyclable. For proper disposal, roll small foils up and dispose of them like any other aluminum product. 

You can also consider handing out some naturally sweet items like fruit: apples, oranges and clementines are all healthy and zero-waste options. Or if you’re still craving sugar consider handing out canned aluminum drinks, plastic-free gum or alternatively plantable seed pencils, rock-shaped crayons, or Halloween candles. 

Eco-Friendly Candy Companies 

While candy packaging is important, there are also sweets companies that make climate-friendly candy. 

Alter Eco offers fair trade chocolates. Their packaging is all compostable or recyclable, meaning you can get the sweet without the plastic. 

Although not entirely zero waste, Equal Exchange makes fair trade chocolate and certified chocolates that directly support small farmers. 

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