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Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Eco-friendly gifting made easy! Explore our sustainable Mother's Day Gift Guide for a planet-loving, mom-approved celebration.

Need some sustainable inspiration this Mother’s Day? Look no further! We’ve put together our Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help you find the best sustainable brands to shop for mom. From clothes to candles to jewelry, check out our suggestions so you can have a sustainable (and ethical) Mother’s Day.  

Clothing: Reformation 

Did you know that the fashion industry contributes around 10% of global carbon emissions?  

Reformation is different – they're a climate-neutral women's clothing brand that puts sustainability at the core of everything they do. Their pieces are versatile, timeless, and durable, meaning you can make more with what's in your wardrobe without needing to constantly buy new pieces. With a wide selection of dresses, denim, shoes, and more, so you’re sure to find something specific for the mom(s) in your life.  

Our choice: The Bucatini Linen Dress or an E-Gift Card 

Three women pose in sustainable clothes.

Candles: Siblings and Co  

Siblings and Co is revolutionizing the way candles are made. Traditional candles come with all sorts of environmental concerns, considering most are produced using a byproduct of petroleum and a majority of tumblers don't get reused or recycled. Candles sold by Siblings and Co are made using 100% natural coconut and soy wax, all of their scents are free of harsh chemicals, their tumblers are reusable and recyclable, and their bags are 100% compostable. And P.S, they smell great! 

Our choice: The Mother’s Day Roses Bundle 

Sustainable candle sits on a table.

Beauty: EarthHero  

EarthHero is a certified B Corp and climate-neutral online marketplace full of sustainable goods from over 250+ brands. Products sold on EarthHero are high quality and meant to last, meaning you can buy less and save more. EarthHero has a wide range of beauty products available on their site, including soaps, makeup, lotion, body scrubs, and more. A self-care basket full of sustainable beauty and skincare would make the perfect sustainable Mother's Day gift! 

Our choice: Dewy You Skincare Set, Cacao Cove Detox Indulgence Face Mask, or the Moment of Bliss Gift Box 

Woman applies sustainable skincare.

Jewelry: Mejuri 

Mejuri is a jewelry brand working toward sustainability through their goal of a 100% traceable supply chain. This will ensure they are using ethical and sustainable partners throughout all steps of the jewelry-making process, starting with prioritizing suppliers who are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. They also only source diamonds that are compliant with the Kimberley Process, which ensures the diamonds we use do not fuel armed conflict in high-risk countries.  

Our choice: Organic Pearl Hoops or the Scarab Coin Pendant Necklace 

Woman wears sustainable earrings.

Flowers: Local Florist  

Shipping and refrigerating flower bouquets results in a lot of pollutants and greenhouse gases. In the three weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, for example, the flights required for flower delivery burn approximately 114 million liters of fuel and emit around 360,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide! Your best bet for sustainable flowers is to head to your local florist or farmer’s market to get whatever is local to your area – keep in mind that a sustainably sourced flower is one that is freshly cut, not treated with pesticides, and can be found, grown, and sold locally.  

Our choice: A bouquet of spring tulips and wildflowers  

A bouquet of tulips.

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