Sustainable Shopping

Where to Buy Sustainable Furniture

Let's talk about "fast furniture" – the not-so-sustainable side of home decor. Find out how you can make more eco-friendly choices by opting for reused and pre-loved pieces.

You’ve heard of fast fashion, but what about fast furniture?

Producing approximately 12.1 million tons of waste a year, the furniture industry is a massive culprit for emissions and waste. While furniture was once considered a lifetime staple, pieces are now often designed to last just a couple of years. To avoid contributing to the growing fast furniture problem, start your next home shopping search by prioritizing reused and looking for pre-loved furniture. 

Secondhand Furniture

Thrift stores and Facebook marketplace are both great places to find homewares that combine sustainable reuse with a low budget, but there are inevitably times when your local secondhand shops don’t have pieces that match your search. Luckily, there are other online pre-owned furniture marketplaces that offer a wider selection and advanced filter systems to find what you’re looking for. 


Perhaps best known for their handmade wares, this B Corp marketplace also offers vintage, reclaimed and upcycled furniture at a variety of price points. Of course, you can also find new, original pieces on Etsy from other sustainable sellers. With Etsy’s carbon-neutral shipping, any purchase you make will be a smarter choice for the planet. 


This secondhand furniture marketplace carries well-known brands as well as vintage pieces meant to last for life. To date, Kaiyo states they have kept over 3.8 million pounds of furniture out of landfills. With a variety of aesthetic styles, price points and helpful search filters, the site is sure to have a quality piece for everyone. 

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Sustainable Furniture

If you’re looking for a specific item and don’t have time to wait for the perfect secondhand find to fall onto your lap, check out these sustainable furniture brands.  

ZZ Driggs 

This certified B Corp offers three different purchase options to accommodate your needs: you can rent, rent to own, or directly purchase pieces to ensure each item is properly used and reused. With a transparent impact report and high-quality furniture created by independent designers, the company is a unique combination of social and environmental sustainability with flexibility and accessibility. 


In a similar vein, Fernish offers circular furniture available to rent or buy to select areas throughout the U.S. Their rental service prioritizes convenient delivery and assembly as well as free pick-up at the end of your rental period. Designed for durability and modularity, their rental furniture is refurbished after every use so your piece is always fresh and long-lasting.  


While Avocado is best known for its organic mattresses and bedding, this B Corp certified company also sells reclaimed wood furniture. Their pieces are all handmade in the U.S. with organic materials in an eco-friendly production that is powered by renewable energy. Certified climate neutral, Avocado is also a member of 1% for the Planet and gives part of their annual sales to a variety of environmental non-profits


Another certified B Corp furniture brand, Koskela prioritizes long-lasting, low-impact furniture. Their ongoing mission is to transition all their products to a circular, closed-loop system in order to eliminate all carbon emissions by 2030. While they are already a carbon-neutral company, this ambition for Absolute Zero would mean their company is climate neutral without purchasing any carbon offsets. Alongside their focus on environmental sustainability, Koskela emphasizes social sustainability through their collaboration with First Nations artists. 

Made Trade 

For furniture and home decor, as well as clothing and accessories, Made Trade offers a wide range of ethical and sustainable products. This Climate Neutral certified company allows you to shop brands based on eight core values (each product incorporates at least two of these values) from Fair Trade, Handcrafted, Made in USA, BIPOC Owned, Sustainable Materials, Recycled/Upcycled, Vegan and Women Owned. 


This Danish design brand has grown to a global scale while maintaining an emphasis on quality, long-lasting materials and craftsmanship. Their outdoor furniture rental service enables you to properly enjoy the outdoor season without the burden of unnecessary furniture during the colder years of the month. This B Corp certified shares both a Climate Report and Greenhouse Gas Report to transparently document their progress towards a net zero business by 2030. 


If you can’t get enough of the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, also check out Takt for furniture created around ten eco-friendly design principles and with circularity at the forefront. A certified B Corp, their pieces are all climate compensated and crafted from sustainably certified materials. With customizable finishes and transparent carbon footprints and prices, each carefully considered item is sure to please.  

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