Green Living

25 of the Best Sustainable Alternatives

Interested in greener living across different aspects of your life? Discover 25 ways to make eco-friendly choices every day.

We have highlighted lots of great sustainable options for consumers across a wide array of categories. Here are 25 great sustainable alternatives across all categories that we have found. 

Personal Care and Hygiene

Bar Shampoo 

Shampoo doesn’t always have to be housed in plastic containers. Ditch the plastic bottle and opt for shampoo bars! 

Refillable travel containers 

Instead of continually buying travel-sized products, buy travel-friendly, reusable containers that you can refill with your favorite products.


Rad Power Bikes 

FuturePartner Rad Power Bikes sells superb electrified transportation that can suit everyone’s needs. From off-road traversal to a quick urban ride, Rad Power has the bike for you!

Vectron S10 

Another great e-bike brand we recommend is Vectron, specifically their S10, which is great for families who want to ride around their local neighborhoods. 

Uber Green 

If you need to a quick ride somewhere and need to call an Uber, we suggest you try Uber Green, which primarily uses low-emission vehicles for rides. 

Public transportation 

Public transportation is also a very solid option to reduce your carbon footprint. Whether it be a train or a bus, we recommend using public transit as much as possible. 

Food and Groceries

Misfits Market 

One way to reduce your food waste is to use grocery delivery services like Misfit Markets. These services sell imperfect produce and sustainably package it at an affordable price.   

Imperfect Foods 

Similar to Misfit Markets, Imperfect Foods is a grocery delivery service that resells unwanted produce from retailers, mitigating food waste while saving you money! 

Vegetable Scrap Stock 

Instead of discarding leftover vegetables, such as carrot leaves or leftover celery stalk, you can repurpose them to create veggie stock for future meals. 

Repurposed Peeled Vegetable and Fruit Skin 

Other vegetable and fruit leftovers can also be used for meals, such as the skin of peeled produce. Carrot skins are a great ingredient for stir fries, for example. 

Vegan proteins 

Reducing your meat consumption is one of the best things to do for the planet. Try vegan protein options instead! 


Don’t throw food scraps in the trash! Compost them to save them from emitting methane gas in a landfill.  

Home Energy Efficiency

Heat Pumps 

During the cold wintry seasons, you may not need to always rely on a gas-burning furnace. Instead, try opting for the extremely energy efficient heat pump instead. They can also help cool your house, too! 

Solar Panels 

To further reduce your house’s carbon footprint, we strongly recommend installing solar panels. It dramatically reduces your electricity bill and is easier and cheaper to install them than ever! 

Home Electrification 

Cutting the cord from your local gas pipeline is a major step towards making your home as green as possible. Investing in electric appliances such as stovetops, ovens, water heaters, and dryers can accelerate the transition away from fossil fuel energy.

Kitchen and Cooking

Silicone Baking Accessories 

Silicone baking accessories are great sustainable alternatives to regular more wasteful plastic baking equipment. Get a silicone baking mat to replace single use parchment paper, or silicone muffin tins to replace single use ones! 

Reusable Bowl Covers 

Instead of using plastic wraps for bowl covers, you can use reusable ones to reduce your footprint and save some money. 

Household Cleaning

Plant-Based Detergent Pods 

Those who opt to use detergent pods could also use plant-based pods that use a mixture of natural cleansers and non-toxic chemicals. These pods are also devoid of any plastic casings! 

Microfiber Filter 

Did you know that laundry is the largest single source of microfiber pollution? A microfiber filter can help minimize microplastic pollution, making your laundry more sustainable. 

Baking Soda for Cleaning 

Another commonplace household item that is effective at cleaning is baking soda. This organic material works well with eliminating odors and becomes an even stronger cleaner when combined with vinegar. Plus, it has so many uses! 

Lemons for Cleaning 

There are many inventive ways to clean your house without using chemical solutions. Everyday household items like lemons can be surprisingly effective at cleaning! 

Laundry Soap Bars 

Laundry soap bars function similarly to detergent pods, except they are made from organic materials with no plastic.  

Cleaning Spray 

Stocking up on glass bottles to use for cleaning sprays is a great way to reduce your plastic waste. Homemade solutions such as white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide also get the job done without using toxic chemicals. 



Shopping for new clothes can be costly and bad for the environment. Thrift stores are a great sustainable alternative, as well as a great way to find insane bargains.


Secondhand Electronics 

E-waste is an increasingly problematic environmental issue, especially with the billowing global demand for electronics. Buying secondhand electronics not only saves you money, but it can also help combat e-waste by giving discarded tech another life.  

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